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ljdnlive morning show with lina & megan
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We always have such a good time when Kamile St. John is in the house. We never know when she is going to stop by so stay tuned in..

Welcome to LJDNLive with Lina and Megan, where the dawn breaks to the rhythm of your life! We are your trusted companions on the airwaves, your wake-up call, and your daily dose of sunshine. Let us take you on a journey through your morning like never before.

**Who We Are**

Lina and Megan are not just your average radio hosts; they’re your friends, your confidants, and your partners in crime for an unforgettable morning. With a combined passion for music, witty banter, and a flair for storytelling, we are here to make your sunrise moments extraordinary.

**The LJDNLive Experience**

LJDNLive isn’t just a radio show; it’s an experience. Picture this: The sun is rising, your coffee’s brewing, and the world is coming to life. That’s when we step in, ready to kickstart your day with a burst of energy, laughter, and music that resonates with your soul.

From chart-topping hits to timeless classics, we curate the ultimate playlist to keep you grooving. And our signature banter? Well, you’ll find yourself laughing, nodding in agreement, and maybe even shedding a tear or two.

**Get Involved**

LJDNLive with Lina and Megan is not just a show; it’s a community. We encourage you to be part of the conversation. Share your stories, request your favorite tunes, and connect with us through our social channels thru LJDNRadio FB page. Your morning isn’t complete without your voice.

Join us each day and let’s embrace the beauty of the morning together. LJDNLive is not just a show; it’s a celebration of life, one sunrise at a time.

Tune in, and let the journey begin. It’s LJDNLive with Lina and Megan – Where Every Sunrise is a New Adventure!

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Daily Discussions
ljdnlive morning show with lina & megan

Motivation Monday Show

“Boost your week with ‘Motivation Monday’, we are your quick fix of inspiration and practical tips for personal growth, career, and wellness. Tune in every Monday for empowering stories and strategies to start your week with positivity and confidence. ‘Motivation Monday’ is your shortcut to a motivated and successful week ahead!”

ljdnlive morning show with lina & megan

Turn Back Tuesday Show

We take a transformative journey of our society with ‘Now Versus Then’, a deep dive into how advancements in technology, cultural shifts, and global events have reshaped our world. From changes in communication and lifestyle to the evolving dynamics of work and education, this series offers insightful reflections on the profound impact of these developments. Join us in understanding how the past and present intertwine, influencing everything from individual behaviors to global trends. ‘Now Versus Then’ is your gateway to comprehending the significant changes shaping our society today.”


ljdnlive morning show with lina & megan

Wierd Wednesday Show

“Join the vital conversation on ‘Race Relations: Black, White, and Beyond’, a platform dedicated to fostering open and respectful dialogue about racial dynamics. This series delves into the experiences and perspectives of different races, exploring the complexities of black and white relationships, as well as the broader spectrum of racial interactions. Our discussions aim to promote understanding, bridge gaps, and encourage a more inclusive society. Tune in to gain deeper insights into race relations and contribute to a more empathetic and united community.”


ljdnlive morning show with lina & megan

Thursty Thursday Show

“Dive into meaningful conversations with our ‘Mental Health Open Forum’, a safe and supportive space dedicated to discussing mental health issues. This interactive platform invites individuals to share experiences, seek advice, and gain insights on mental well-being. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or seeking ways to improve mental health, our forum provides a compassionate community for open dialogue. Join us in breaking the stigma and promoting mental health awareness, fostering a more understanding and healthier society.”


ljdnlive morning show with lina & megan

Frenzy Friday Show

“Join us at ‘Relationships Explored’, a dynamic forum where we delve into the complexities of all types of relationships. From romantic partnerships to friendships, family bonds, and professional connections, our discussions aim to uncover the intricacies of human interactions. Whether you’re navigating challenges in your relationships or seeking to strengthen bonds, our platform offers insights, advice, and real-life experiences. Tune in for enlightening conversations that help foster deeper understanding and healthier relationships in every aspect of your life.”


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