April 5, 2020


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https://ljdnradio.com STREAMING LIVE TO FROM 1-4PM EST Tues. - Saturday if you need someone to talk to or want to hear a particular song. Get it off your chest at LJDNRADIO.COM with #LinaJones & guest click "On-Demand" and select a download stream or just press play. The call-in number is 757-337-1055.

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Now on YouTube

Now you can watch Jay's shows on YouTube just type LJDNetwork in the search box and bam! Just like that Jay will appear. Check out his page on LJDNetwork.com.

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Now You Can Feature Your Video

That's right, now you can feature and upload your music video right here. The Diamond audience can vote on your video to qualify you for the LJDN 2020 Awards.  Find out more.. Send your MP3's to ljdnradio@gmail.com   SEE MORE INDIE VIDEOS

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