What Kind of Music Do We Play?

LJDNRadio is a little different,  on our streams, you will hear different genres of music, for instance, you might hear a hip hop song then the next song might be country music. that's what we call "Different on purpose" our listeners get to hear a variety of different music and a variety of different artist, we play Indie artist music and commercial artist music. The best way to experience it is to listen for yourself and be open to the different types of music.

New Show!

Sundays are exploding with listeners getting inspired by our Gospel/Christian music and by the speaking/teaching podcast they hear on our network. “Keeping It Real with Susan” is a new show with new episodes. Dr. Susan Ashcroft keeps it real with her easy to understand method of bible speaking.  Check out her show Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM EST. And if you have a testimony that you feel would help inspire and give others faith and would like to share it send us your mp3. We will play 2 testimonial podcast each Sunday every week free of charge. Please keep your testimonies under 2 minutes in length, send it to

If you are looking for a podcast home why not join the LJDNetwork  of shows,  we're always looking for talented podcasters to help add to our entertainment line. Make us your podcast home,  to find out more information  send us a sample mp3 to ljdnetwork@gmail.


Now You Can Feature Your Video

That's right, now you can feature and upload your music video right here. The Diamond audience can vote on your video to qualify you for the LJDN 2020 Awards.  Find out more.. Send your MP3's to   SEE MORE INDIE VIDEOS

Find out how to feature your video

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