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Kickstart your mornings with the ‘LJNDLive Morning Show with Lina & Megan’! Join our vibrant hosts for a unique blend of lively chats, dramatic moments, and the coolest music tracks. Lina and Megan bring you engaging conversations and infectious energy, perfect for setting your day’s rhythm. It’s not just a show, it’s a morning ritual. Tune in for laughter, insights, and tunes that keep you grooving. Make your mornings extraordinary with us at ‘LJNDLive Morning Show’!”

And don’t forget to bring coffee!


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“Join the #LJDNRadio family as a Brand Ambassador and amplify your passion for music while shaping the future of radio! šŸŽ™ļøšŸŒŸ The best part is you can be in any state! #BeOurVoice #LJDNRadioRevolution” Let them know where your next event will be.Ā 

Joel grand ambassador

Meet Joel he is a Brand Ambassador of LJDNRadio.com you might see him out and about taking live footage of your event for our FB or YouTube page. If you do see him be nice and smile for the camera because you will be seen.Ā 

brand ambassador mahogany fawn

Meet Mahogany Fawn, she is a Social Influencer, Brand Ambassador and a Diamond Podcaster you might see her out and about as well.Ā 

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Johnny dynamyt kroon
Johnny Dynamyt Kroon
eddie key
Eddie Key

We have the Mt. Soulmo country boyz from Memphis Tennessee, West Memphis & Memphis Arkansas

Check out Mac Full Throttle interview with LJDNRadio at the top of the page.

mac throttle bots
Mac Throttle Bots

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