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That's right 5 years ago I started this network with 0 followers on Twitter, Facebook and would not even dare to try Instagram. Now today I can say I have over 9,444 show downloads and a social network of around 15,000 followers and have always had a steady flow of new followers. Now there are some people who unfollow me  #realtalk, but there is lots more coming in. Now that may not seem like a much to you real #bigballers but for someone like Lil ole me, it is truly amazing. For as much bad is on social media there is so much good, and I thank you all #humbly. Lord knows this is not easy at times and there are still times I feel like giving up but my network is my 3rd marriage and my baby. I do love me some #Diamonds they the best of the best on the network #awesome followers I am truly blessed.

The best part is I did not have to compromise any part of my physical body to get there, heck I hardly take any pictures. I just go to show "You don't have to take your close off to have a good time" or be half naked to get followers". Celebrate with me all month for #girlpower and #boypower #wepower cause on the LJDNetwork the #Power is to the people". #1luv #Diamondluv.


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That's right, now you can feature and upload your music video right here. The Diamond audience can vote on your video to qualify you for the LJDN 2020 Awards.  Find out more..

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Check out the LJDN Show, Morning Sparkle and the In The Cut with Jay shows. For entertaining today's talk about real issues that affect every people with music, new shows weekly and podcast of prior shows. You can listen on LJDNRadio morning at 10:00 AM EST. Stay on after the show for special streams of different genres of music. #cowgirlwednesdays, #reggaethursdays, #hiphopRnBFridays and #christiangospelsundays.  We have a mixture of Indie and commercial artists music from 11am-9pm nonstop streaming. Continue listening as they all join together for our regular non-stop stream going on 24/7.


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