2022 Is Bringing in New Vibes

We know everybody’s looking forward to a new year! Looking to shade the 2-year #covid blues.  Make sure you check us out during the year for upcoming events like our 9th-year Anniversary event. There will be no #LJDiamondAwards event this year because we will be having our first-anniversary party! March of 2022 you’ll find out the details soon.

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Lina's Pick

What Happened To The Girls?

How  many of you remember Expose? I know I was a fan. I love their music songs like Exposed to Love and I’ll Never Get Over You… were a few of my favorites. Well, now you can hear about what happened to this popular girl group. Wow! They come and go so quickly. 

fawn and essence

We are still looking for DJ’s to join our Family of Entertainers “Start Here, Stay Here”. We are seeking today’s Country Music DJ, Rock DJ, Reggae DJ, Gospel DJ, Jazz DJ, Pop & KPop DJ’s, HipHop. (some experience is required)  Send emails to LJDNradio@gmail.com to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

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#LJDNLive with DJ #NoirRaven

Conversations @8

The Raven….. the Raven is quirky and slightly geeky he definitely has a style that is all his own. He loves politics, science, and at times weird stuff but we love him. At times you can find him talking about dating and girls that pertain to his generation genZ. Raven is 21 yrs old and has a bright future ahead of him. Check him out live Wednesday’s for Conversations @8 on LJDNRadio’s YouTube channel and on LJDNRadio, hit the “Like” or Subscribe. 

diamond podcasters

It's About That Time For You To Be Heard

We call them “Diamond Podcasters” because they have and some still are going thru the pressures of life. We all go thru them but coming out of it shining like a “Diamond” not everyone can make the cut, some of us fall apart and end up just a crumble. Here we make even the crumble shine bright like a diamond. Without freedom of speech, we might as well be in jail what an awesome privilege that we would like you to share with our fabulous audience. Our plans start at $7 a month listen in or check out our LJDNPodcast website. We are also available on Alexa. 

Our Diamond Family Tree of Entertainers

diamond tree

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