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If you’re an independent artist, Mahogany Fawn is giving you the opportunity to be featured on her show. She’ll provide exclusive interviews with some of the top rising artists in all genres and tell their unique stories. So don’t miss out! Visit Mahogany’s website to schedule your appointment today.

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Her sermons are Spirit filled Bible based messages that are relevant to this present time. These impactful messages will stir hearts and minds. The aim is to encourage believers to continue in the faith and compel unbelievers to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord”

Is now on 3 days a week on LJDNPocast Radio. The J Lounge is a celebrity based podcast show, there you can find the Hottest Celebrity and entertainment news, so sit back and relax and get ready to hang with Miss J. She can be heard on Fridays & Saturdays

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Lina's Pick

Here's Another Nice Video About Tina

Words cannot explain the pain her fans are feeling right now. I am always so horrible when it comes to these type of situations meaning “grief” I never know what to say…but I will say rest in peace rock and roll queen. 

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