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US Studio Number 877-880-8059 9am-12pm LIVE!

#LJDNLive is returning to LJDNRadio.com January 20, 2023, 9AM – 12PM. Listen in for a variety of music, games and fun weekday mornings. Stream it live on LJDNRadio, download on our Android app. Listening is free and there’s so many ways to listen.

Fawn is on Fire

Tune in for Mahogany Fawn as she interviews some of the hottest up coming Independent Artist in all genres, find out their inside scope. If you are an A.I. or no someone with a professional sound she would like to interview you. Visit her website to set an interview appointment. 

Thank you Takisha,

You came in a little nervous, took well to the training, and knew where you wanted to go when it came to music, your show etc. I’ve learned some new things about music. You’ve learned some things about Managing an online radio station and we both have grown during this year. It almost feels like you were on a 1 year externship. I am going to miss you and how you made everyone feel so comfortable during your interviews and our long conversations about music & life. I hope my conversations were of comfort to you and helped in deciding your next chapter. I also admire the way you allowed your guess to talk about intimate moments they had with their music, then allowed them that freedom of speech thru their songs as parts of your conversation. I love you and I will miss you, I want you to and know that you will always have a home on LJDNRadio. I don’t encounter many, respectful, appreciative, non-egotistical  people much in this industry, and I thank you for being humble. You are a Diamond in the Rough and don’t you ever forget it. Be “Different On Purpose” LoL. Lina Jones #DiamondLuv

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diamond family in white
diamond family in white
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Sunday Nights 6PM - 12AM EST

Enjoy a variety of old school and new school along with some of the baddest jazz legends that ever was every Sunday night right here.

Do you have a particular artist you would like to hear? Email us and we will check our music repertory.

Lina's Pick

Janelle Monae's Tribute To Prince

I think she is such a cutie! And I love her skin I wonder is her skin that pretty in real life. Anyway, I thought her tribute was pretty fire. How about you? Check it out for yourself. 

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