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The Nefesh Lifestyle

Find out more about the Nefesh Lifestyle by joining us on Zoom Thursday’s 7:00 PM EST or listen live on same time.
The registration is free and there are no monthly fees to become a supplier if you already know about Nefesh and would like to order a bag click here. Zoom Link for meeting 

The Nefesh Challenge

We are so positive that our product is a life changer we want to invite you to take the nefesh challenge. The challenge is to take nefesh for 1 week 7 days and tell us what changes you have noticed in your body. Learn more

#LJDNLive SocialHealthwork Show

LJDNLive will be airing a new show called “The Social Healthwork Show” with Host Mahogany Fawn & Lina Jones. They will be focusing on healthy and fun conversations live on LJDNetwork’s YouTube.  The Nefesh Lifestyle will be discussed in part on every show. The show airs Thursday 24, 2021 at 7PM EST. We hope you will join us for some early evening fun and laughs while we talk about health and living the nefesh lifestyle. 

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Submit Your Music

You got talent and we want to hear it and help you to let the world see your shine! We want to promote your music on our station free.

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Join Our Diamond Family Tree of Entertainers

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