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Keeping up with the times is not always easy but on the LJDNetwork/LJDNRadio we try hard to come up with new and inventive ways to make our shows more entertaining. With so much going on in the world it's hard to not focus a conversation about our government, unfortunately, those shows are very controversial and cause arguments from different sides on the left side and the right side, everyone feels their way is the right way. Because our audience listeners seemed to like a little drama in their shows, we want to add drama without going overboard #laughnowcrylater is a show about a young woman dating in the now 2020s. She talks about the woes she goes through in life with her job, dating, boyfriends and not so boyfriends and other subjects that you’ll find interesting. The show has a lot of today’s young adult conversations and a lot of explicit remarks please beware of your children you may not want them to listen to this show. I think you'll find her very entertaining, sassy and aware of her world. So, I'm thanking you in advance for supporting her and her new show it's not easy to try to be on this platform but it’s something she wants to do.


Feisty Feisty Feisty

That is the best way I can describe Miss. Laugh Now Cry Later, her name will be revealed before her show starts, she seems to be having a hard time finding her stage name. Check her out next month in February I think you find her show will satisfy your taste for drama, and reality… a lot of reality. She talks with different people it's not just her talking its actually conversations that she has between friends and family so stay tuned I think you enjoy the show.


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