September 18, 2020

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He is back every Thursday night at 9:00-10PM EST  for you night owls, join in on the fun with Jay and his co-host #DJNoirRaven and #LinaJones. Why not have a few laughs or participate in some serious talk right before late-night bedtime, call-in the phone lines are open at 877-880-8059 and you know Jay would love to hear from you .

September Music Schedule listens in real-time at EST.


A mixture of all Indie Artist music
pop, hiphop, country, reggae, rock
and Christian music.
2AM - 2PM

Commercial Pop and R&B music
2PM - 8PM



Indie Artist Rap & HipHop
2AM - 3PM 

Commercial Rap & HipHop
3PM - 6PM
#LJDNLive 6-9PM
More Commercial Rap & HipHop
9PM - 12AM


Indie Artist Rock 2AM - 3PM
and 10PM - 12AM

 Commercial Rock Music
3PM - 10PM





12AM - 3PM
All Commerical Music
#LLS Love Songs
11AM - 1PM
#DJNoirRaven Sat. Rap&HipHop Mix
10PM - 2AM


#CowgirlCountry Wed.

Indie Artist Country
12AM - 3PM 

Commercial Country
3PM - 6PM

LJDNLive 6-9PM

More commercial Country
9PM - 12AM


2AM - 2AM Monday

A mixture of commercial and Indie Artist
Christian & Gospel Music. With segments of speaking (speaking may not be heard every Sunday).


Indie Artist Country
2AM - 12PM 

Commercial Raggae
12PM - 6PM
#LJDNLive 6-9PM
#InTheCutwJay 9-10PM
More commercial Raggae
10PM - 12AM

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