April 5, 2020


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Staying In with LJDN

Live Tuesday - Saturday 1- 4 PM EST

What's up #Diamonds,

Yep, it's me and I will be live on Tuesday through Friday's from 1- 4pm and on Saturdays there will be a playback from my best show of the week. What will we be talking about? I have no idea but its going to be good and fun trust me... I do know this, our government wants us to stay off the streets and practice social distancing. If you are like me, if I don't do something I will drive everyone in my house crazy, so I figured what better way to re-introduce the radio then going live! So I'll be here talking about stuff now you can join in at any time by calling 757-337-1055. If your feeling anxious, afraid, lonely, silly or just need to chat with someone for a few minutes give me a call I have 3 hours to talk to you and we both will feel better.  All you have to do is click play or go to the download link at the top and pick a player if you don't feel like doing that ask Alexa to do it and I will meet you there at 1PM EST. Leave a comment below about something you would like me to talk about I am open to suggestions. Remember #AloneTogether