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Podcasters Rules - Regulations & Agreement

Rules & Guidelines

Leased podcast space for:

  • LJDNRadio and LJDPodcast Subleasing of available time is strictly prohibited; if violated this policy, services may be expelled without refund.
  • Audio files must not exceed 50MB’s in size; if so, compression is required or our team can compress it at a fee of $2 per file.
  • If an error appears upon upload, please check the file’s details to ensure audio properties are adequate.
  • Promotions during the podcast show is allowed. 
  • To promote on a entirely commercial basis, please click here to request a media package which will authorize different airtimes across any 24 hour period for increased exposure opportunities.
  • Cut-off: If the length of your podcast exceeds the allotted time, it will be truncated accordingly.
  • Personal web page: Hold all of your podcasts in a single, personal web page, where listeners can access at their leisure. Take advantage of our extra services and visit our Template Inclusion page for more details.
  • Your podcasts can be stored on this add-on plan for up to 30 days.
  • Podcast Player: All shows are available for listening  on the  “Podcast Player” – an easily accessible platform that works on 24 hour rotation. Or download the LJDNRadio free app for androids.
  • Disclaimer: LJDNRadio & LJDNPodcast prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical or mental disability, HIV Status, sexual orientation, gender identity (understanding there is a difference between discrimination and opinion) marital status past or present military service etc. We are dedicated to creating a workplace free from discrimination and harassment for every podcaster involved with us.


This agreement must be signed by all producers and co-producers of the show/Podcast

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