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#LJDNLive with
DJ Noir Raven & Lina Jones

Wed. – 8-9PM EST and Fridays  7:30 – 9PM 
New time  the fun starts with Raven & Lina they are from 2 different generations Raven 20yrs & Lina (let’s just say older) talking lite humorous politics, and Raven’s crazy subjects. Sometimes they disagree, well lots of times they disagree. But at the end of the day its nothing but LJDN #familylove. Check them outlive or listen to their podcast on LJDNPodcast.com.

Available on Podcast

 Lina Jones

Saturday 11-1 PM EST

You will hear a collection of love songs and slow songs that are good for the heart. Some old and some new, that’s the time to get cozy with that special someone or just reminisce. 

The Social Healthwork

The new show airs Thursday, June 17, 2021, 7 – 8PM EST on LJDNLive with host Mahogany Fawn & Lina Jones. Live on LJDNetwork YouTube channel. Join us for fun and laughter as we look at our body’s health and explore new ways to help slow down the aging process. We also talk about the benefits of nefesh.


Daily Music Schedule

Sunday 2AM – Monday 2AM
Indie and commercial mixture of  Gospel & Christian music
10AM, 3PM, 6PM Bible scripture Reading
Monday 2AM – Tuesday 12AM
Indie Music Melting Pot a mixture of all Indie Artist and music of all genre’s.

Tuesday 12AM – Wednesday 12AM
12- 2AM, 7 -9AM, 3 – 5PM, 10-12AM  – All Indie Rock Music 
Music default Commercial Rock music

Wednesday 12AM – Thursday  12AM
12- 2AM, 7 -9AM, 3 – 5PM Commercial Country Music
Music defaults Indie Country Music

Thursday 12AM – Friday 12AM
12- 2AM, 7 -9AM, 3 – 5PM Indie Reggae, Latin & Mexican Music
Music defaults to Commercial Reggae, Latino & Mexican Music.

Friday 12AM – Saturday 12AM
12- 2AM, 7 -9AM, 3 – 5PM Indie Rap and HipHop Music
Music defaults Commercial Rap and HipHop music.

Saturday all commercial music. 

Shows and Upcoming News

Wednesday’s  8-9PM #DJ NoirRaven’s Conversations@8 Live on LJDNRadio YouTube channel

Thursday’s coming June 17, 2021 on #LJDNLive The Social Healthwork with Mahogany Fawn & Lina Jones 7-8PM EST Live on LJDNetwork YouTube channel. 

Friday’s  7:30-9PM #DJ NoirRaven’s  Four Shadow Friday’s we are currently reading “If You Tell” by Gregg Olson

Saturday 11-1PM Lina’s #LLS playlist


Music scheduled times will be interrupted for live podcast shows and will resume after scheduled shows. Please see the above schedule for live shows.