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If you would like an audio commercial advertisement to be heard on LJDNRadio or LJDNPodcast please learn more here by going to our advertisements page.

LJDNRadio & LJDNPodcast audio commercial space is one minute or less for $25 per each commercial ad air-time. You can submit your own commercial or have one produced in house for an additional cost. Example, if you want your ad heard four times within that day it will cost you $100 for the day. That is how the process works, if you want your commercial ad to be played during a specific show on LJDNRadio or LJDNPodcast the owner of that show will receive a percentage of the sale to have your commercial on their show. To have a commercial between someone show is completely at the discretion of the show producer. To have a commercial heard prior to or after a show is an LJDNRadio right, as that space is ours.

Commercials can be uploaded if you produce your own, if you would like to have it produced in house by one of our AI’s please contact one of our team members to schedule a consultation. Our productions rates for AI’s for either LJDNRadio and/or LJDNPodcast  $100. If you would like to use a live person, the production rate is $200 per commercial production. Please contact us for more information  (Note: This method may take longer because we must work according to the voice-over person time, wherein AI commercials can be produced the same day) To hear and example of an A I voice lead commercial please click on the sample.

Banner advertisements can be plugged in almost anywhere on your website or social media. They are also available on LJDNetwork videos and websites. Our YouTube channels banners are reserved for LJDNetwork Entertainment Family. However, you can have a plug for your company verbally spoken during any of our YouTube shows. The cost for that is $50 per plug, your company will be mentioned 2 times during a show. Plugs like that are limited to how many plugs can be said within an hour-long show, at this time it is limited to 3 clients plugs. If you are interested in this service or you need a banner for your website or online advertisement. We also have desktop publishing available,  please contact us.

(Note: YouTube will eventually plug their own banners on our video content therefore we do not offer that service to our clients). However, your banner can be displayed on any of our in-house videos please consult with your representative about cost as they may vary. Banners can be designed by you (the client) or in house, the cost to have a banner designed is $55 for a static banner and $75 for an animated banner. Once the banner is made it is yours to keep and your property to use however you see fit on your own websites. If your interested in this service please contact us

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