Guidelines: You must be on 1 of LJDNetwork or its LJDNFamily member’s Social Network sites and have been following LJDN for 1 year. 

You can opt your name out at any time, we will contact you via email or messager to confirm that it was you who opted yourself out.  This award was created for purpose of LJDNetwork appreciation because you don’t have to follow or post on our network but you choose to, it is due to your content and ours that makes our network viewable to others and we appreciate you. The LJDNetwork is a creation of social media just like some of you are Thank you. 

Although there is no registration fee for the winner, however, a small shipping fee will apply $15.00 if you live within the US.  Unfortunately, to mail international it is very costly you might need to opt-out your cost will be around $40.00 unless you have a US address we can mail your prizes to.

ljdn awards pink trophy