September 18, 2020

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The  #LJDiamondAwards was created in January of 2016 by Lina Jones, it was created for the purpose of showing Independent Music Artist and the guest she interviewed on the LJDNShow a token of appreciation, and give additional to giving to exposure both the artist and the interviewee  (business owner). The very first awards show was a success and the votes increased every year,  in 2019 votes reached as high as 11k votes! The highest interaction our team and ever seen. Thank you to all who voted, the following images are pics of our prior year’s winners beginning with 2019 winners which were the first year multiple awards were given and the music videos were added on as a new category. Along with our famous “Most Popular Indie Music Artists” the other categories are: 

2019 ljdiamond awards
  • Most Popular Social Media Person
  • Gospel/Christian category
  • Pop/Rock category
  • Country
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Reggae/R&B
  • Most Popular Podcast


Vic Rector

Steve Hester

Jimmy Packes

Davide Moscato

Michael Brondstetter


There were no winners in the 2019 Reggae/R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap categories because there were little to no votes ( I think they are waiting for the Grammy’s). Those trophies now sit a glass door cabinet in LJDNetwork Studio.

Each year our trophies have been different that is because we are still searching  for just the right design,  although we have enjoyed the varieties of trophies we would like to settle on one design. The “Reach For The Stars” trophy is a very nice design and there is a strong chance we might be using the “Reach For The Stars” trophy again besides we like the concept behind  “Reach For The Stars”.

Our 2017 trophy was the most expensive trophy we gave away, unfortunately, the budget does not allow for multiple trophies at that cost. As it stands today we are very satisfied with our 2019 choice, we would love to hear what you think too email us at

In 2019 one of our international Indie Artist Davide Moscato had a write up in his local Italian Newspaper he won the award for  “Most Popular Pop/Rock video” winner Davide Moscato. That was a big win for us too!

Davide moscato write up

In 2018 Cosmic Crash Won Our Crystal Tophy

2018 Winner cosmic crash

2017 Jimmy Packes &  Roderick Jefferson
Won Most Popular Indie Artist and Best Interview

Roderick & Jimmy Packes

2016 Cosmic Crash & Mike Aloia