How To Book An Open Slot

How To Book An Open Slot

Booking a slot for your show or podcast is easy on

  1. Click on the “LJDNRadio Open Air Spots”.
  2. You will come to a page that says “Book An Appointment” (that is a default with Square your appointment will be your air time). 
  3. Select “LJDNRadio Air-time For Podcasters”  select the one for either 60 minutes or 30 times. (15 mins are only available on “glimpse” The Show)
  4.  Click continue (make sure you selected the right time, then click the continue button in the lower right corner of the page. 
  5. A calendar will appear with a variety of open spots.
  6. Select your time and date.
  7. Upon clicking the time you will be prompted to fill out your payment information, and your transaction will be complete.

A team member will be in contact with you via email with a link to upload your Podcast or show to our server. Once received it is then uploaded to LJDNRadio at the time slot you selected. 

If you need further assistant or have questions please email us. 

Our billing is processed via Square.