August 14, 2020

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About Us


The Diamond Approach

I know there are thousands of online radio stations out there that you can listen to so your asking yourself "why should I listen to yours?" Well... to answer that because LJDN will offer you something more and different. We don't just stream Indie Artist music we are ASCAP licensed so Independent Artist music is played with some of today's popular artist. Plus we stream shows entertaining talk shows produced in house. Our station is small and personal we talk about topics that affect all of us in everyday situations because we are everyday people. We have a mailman, daycare center director with more coming. We are folks you will find in your supermarkets, malls, parks even Walmart. We are small yet mighty giving a voice to people just like us and supporting us doesn't cost you anything but a listen.

Who Are The Diamonds?

The Diamonds are you + me = us, see diamonds are made under pressure the more pressure the brighter the bling. We are all going through something beit finance.. that's always #1, health, work, relationships the list can go on. But it's our resilience that makes us diamonds and everyone is a diamond on the LJDNetwork. So to quote what Jimmy Packes says "Shine on you crazy Diamonds."