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Commercials that are produced by you are Free

 If you’re interested in having a free audio commercial. We will give away 1 free commercial per month. Please send us an e-mail and we will put you on the list for the next set of free audio commercial advertisement. 

We are looking for diverse commercials, these commercials will help you in building your brand and ours together. Business are decided on uniqueness  and diversity as they will be displayed on our station and website.  

Audio Commercial Terms:

  • Commercial must pertain to only your product or service
  • It can not be over 30 seconds, must be for seconds or less.
  • It cannot contain rude or explicit  or degrading content
  • Commercials can be produced in house by our team, or produced  by the owner. 
  • Your voice must be heard clearly with no background noises
  • If you would like to hire a professional voice-over, please inform us we have contacts to voice-over artist. (Prices will different)
  • If making your own commercial do not forget to include website, phone, email and address information in your commercial.
  1. Ruth Bell
  2. Johnita Gregory
  3. Mia Zamborano
  4. Anica Crook 
  5. Tina Christman
  6. Daisy M. Brown
  7.  Agape Garcia
  8. Susanne Levine 
  9. Beverly Price 
  10. Danny Slater

Disclaimer: Neither LJDNRadio.com nor Its affiliates guarantee a your product or services will be purchased, however. The only thing that we assure is that your commercial will be heard. We cannot force the end user to purchase your product or services, making a good commercial will put you in the listeners thoughts.