October 20, 2020


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2019 LJDiamondNetwork Popular Indie Artist Award

2019 LJDiamondNetwork Popular Social Media Indie Artist

This is the original award that has been given for the last 5 years. Candidates are chosen on the basis of Indie Music Artists that frequently post on any of the LJDN social media sites which includes LJDNRadio, LJDNShow & it's affiliated (Videobylina) sites during the year of 2018. They were chosen for their vibrant and full of content post, post that was informative keeping the Diamonds updated about interviews, new music, displaying talents, events and interesting post that keeps the viewers coming back for more. The top 3 Finalist will be announced on the LJDNShow live 7 pm EST. February 18, 2019.

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Did you know only Indie Artist who's music is played on LJDNRadio are accepted on the LJDNRadio Facebook page?

Although there are many "Friend" request only LJDN Indie Artist and selected talent (ie) actors, comedians or other talented show guest is allowed to post on the LJDNRadio Facebook page. This is done purposely (no shade intended) so that viewers looking on can get to know the artist by seeing some of their personal sides, what they're into and find out about upcoming gigs. They can also read to see how they respond to their fans, friends, and followers.

LJDN 2019 Popular Social Media Indie Artist

Popularity is important especially when you're trying to climb the ladder to the top and these Independent Artist are climbing. They are "Diamonds in the rough" Talk about connecting with their followers and fans, they know the importance of keeping it real and humble. We at LJDNRadio recognize that and we thank them for acknowledging our awards. All of them have shown that they are "Grammy material" and they can count on our vote and support. We at LJDNRadio thank all of our nominees for their participation and their music.
We wish you all much success in your music endeavors. #LinaJones

"Shoot For The Stars"

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